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Indonesia - Country Host




Experience Bahasa Indonesia. You can get around Bali or beyond without ever using a word of Indonesian, but you are missing a great experience if you do not acquire at least a basic knowledge of Bahasa Indonesia. Everyone will cheerfully help you when they see you are trying to speak their national language.



Dari mana? (Literally, 'where from?'). This could either mean, What country are you from? Or where did you just come from (the beach, the road, etc)?

Anda asal dari mana? What country are you from? You answer, Dari Amerika, Australia..

Mau ke mana? Where are you going?

Apa Kabar? How are you?

Kabar Baik. I am fine.

Ya - Yes.

Tidak/bukan - No, not.

Terima kasih - Thank you.

Kembali - You're welcome.

Tolong - Please.

Ma'af - Sorry.

Permisi - Excuse me.

Nama saya.. My name is..

Siapa nama anda? What is your name?



Selamat datang - Welcome.

Selamat pagi - Good morning (until 11am).

Selamat siang - Good day (11am - 3pm).

Selamat sore - Good afternoon (3-7pm).

Selamat malam - Goodnight.



Saya mau beli - I want to buy.

Ini - This

Itu - That

Berapa? - How much?

Mahal - Expensive

Harga pas berapa? - What is your fixed price?



The common designation for a hotel is simply hotel. Words that refer to simpler accommodation are losmen, penginapan and wisma.

Mana ada hotel/penginapan/losmen/wisma? Where is there a hotel?

Hotel/losmen paling baik - The best hotel.

Paling murah - the cheapest; sederhana - simple; tidak mahal, tidak murah - not expensive, not cheap; bersih - clean.

Ada Kamar? Are there rooms available?

Ada kamar dengan AC? Do you have any air-conditioned rooms?

Ada kamar dengan kipas? Do you have fan-cooled rooms?

Ada nyamuk? Are there mosquitoes?

Berapa ongkos kamar? What is the cost of the room?

Ada ruang makan? Is there a dining room?

Termasuk makanan? Including meals?

Ada WC, tempat mandi? Is there a toilet, bathroom?

Kamar mandi di luar atau di dalam kamar? Is the bath attached to the room or outside?

Handuk - towel; sabun - soap; selimut - blanket; sprei - bedsheet; air minum - drinking water; kipas - fan.

Bisa cuci pakaian? Can you wash clothes?

Anda mau minum apa? What would you like to drink?

Teh/kopi - Tea/coffee; tanpa gula - without sugar; sedikit gula - little sugar.



Kapan ada bis ke..? When is there a bus to..?

Berangkat jam berapa? What time does it leave?

Berapa jam sampai..? How many hours to..?

Saya minta dua karcis? Can I have two tickets?

Karcis ke... berapa? What is the cost of a ticket to..?

Stasiun bis di mana? Where is the bus station?



Utara - north; selatan - south; timur - east; barat - west; kanan - right; kiri - left; dekat - near; jauh - far; Dimana..? Where is..?

Berapa jauh dari sini? How far is it?

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