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Meeting with H.E. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, the President of Republic Indonesia - Jakarta, 11th October 2007
 Today Pri Sulisto and Robert Murdoch of APAPC met privately with the President of the Republic of Indonesia, H.E. Dr. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to update and inform him of plans for the Bali conference and to extend an invitation to open the conference from Ben Goddard, the President of IAPC. President Yudhoyono gladly accepted the invitation.  More »
Meeting with Agung Laksono, Chairman of Indonesia's Parliament - Jakarta, 1st October 2007
 Today, Pri Sulisto and Robert Murdoch - Chairman and Deputy Chairman of APAPC, met with Mr Agung Laksono, Chairman of the Parliament of Indonesia to update him on the Bali conference. Mr Laksono has confirmed he will attend and participate in the program.  More »
Meeting with Martin Lee - Hong Kong, 19th September 2007
 This week, Robert Murdoch - Deputy Chairman of APAPC, travelled to Hong Kong for a meeting with Mr Martin Lee QC at the Hong Kong Legislative Council Chambers to discuss the IAPC Bali conference at which Mr Lee will be one of the VIP speakers.  More »
EAPC Meeting - Stockholm, Sweden, 4th May 2007
 Ben Goddard - President of IAPC, and Robert Murdoch of APAPC travelled to Stockholm last week to attend the annual conference of the EAPC where a launch presentation was made for the new IAPC Bali conference web site. A very positive response was received from the delegates, several of who registered immediately for this 40th annual event.  More »
IAPC Bali Web Team - 9th April, 2007
 Here they are... the IAPC Bali web design team & software developers who have worked day and night to get this web site up and running so that promotion for the conference can move into high gear.  More »
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