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"The Asian Century Begins"

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Monday 12th November 2007

Speech by the President of Republic of Indonesia (PDF File)
By H.E. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono

Speech by the APAPC Chairman (PDF File)
By Pri Sulisto

Speech by the IAPC President (PDF File)
By Ben Goddard

"Secularism, Islam and Democracy" (Quicktime Video File)
By Anwar Ibrahim


Tuesday 13th November 2007

"Democracy: the Indonesian Experience" (PPT File)
By Ginandjar Kartasasmita

"At the Crossroad: Palestine & Israel" (PPT File)
By Fariz Mehdawi

"The Road to Annapolis: Hopes for an Israeli-Palestianian Peace" (PPT File)
By Colin Rubenstein

"A World Divided: Views from the Asia/Pacific" (PPT File)
By Debnath Guharoy

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"Building Up Philippine Competitiveness" (PPT File)
By Cesar Bautista

"Sustainability : Cynical about Big Issues?" (PPT File)
By Ian Gilmour

"The Global Politics of Climate Change" (PPT File)
By Emil Salim

"The Reporters Speak - The Asia/Pacific Views of the World" (Quicktime Video File)
By Tom Plate


Wednesday 14th November 2007

"Technological Advancement in International Elections" (PPT File)
By Mike Connell

"New Voting Technology Problem or Solution" (PDF File)
By Paul S. DeGregorio

"Recent and Future Elections in the Philippines" (PDF File)
By Resurreccion Z. Borra

"Italy towards early election?" (PDF File)
By Mario Ballerini

"Democracy in Russia" (PDF File)
By Elena Bashkirova

"Ukraine: Winning Losers and Lost Winners at The Extraordinary Parliamentary Elections" (PPT File)
By Julia Kurbaka

"Role of Political Consultants in a Democracy" (PDF File)
By Agung Laksono

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