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"The Asian Century Begins"

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 Debnath Guharoy

Denath Guharoy is Roy Morgan's Regional Director, Asia. A veteran of the advertising, communications and research industries, Debnath has lived in six countries in the region and worked in local and regional roles. He will personally present the new report titled "A World Divided: Views from the Asia Pacific Region" at the conference. more..

 Ginandjar Kartasasmita

Prof. Dr. Ir. Ginandjar Kartasasmita is an Indonesian politician. He is currently the head of Indonesia's Regional Representatives Council (DPD-RI) for the period of 2004-2009. Mr. Kartasasmita is a former Minister of Mining and Energy, former State Minister of National Development and more..

 Ian Gilmour

Ian Gilmour is the Group Manager, SH&E (Safety, Health & Environment) and Manufacturing at Orica Limited, one of Australia's leading public companies with a market capitalization of about US$10 billion. Orica is the world's largest commercial explosives company. It manufacturers the Dulux more..

Emil Salim

Dr. Emil Salim is the former State Minister for Population and Environment of Indonesia. In his early education, he attended both European and Japanese schools before pursuing his keen interest in the economy and specializing in economics at the University of Indonesia. After graduating from the university more..



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